Eduroam configuration

Device configuration, eduroam CAT

Too be able to use eduroam, your devices will have to be configured correctly.

Eduroam provides a tool to easily configure your devices. This tool is called eduroam CAT, or eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool.

To use CAT, go to Here you will have to select you home institution, in our case NILU, Norsk Institutt for Luftforskning. You will then be presented with a download of the installer for the platform you accessed the page from. You can select other platforms on the menu to the right.

If you by any chance cannot find NILU on that site, you can always find it at

You then have to run the installer and provide your username and password. The password is the same as you use on your PC here at NILU.
Important: your username have to be on the form or it will not work!
There is no need for administrative privileges to run the installers.

If you still need to configure it manually, be sure that EAP method is set to PEAP and that Phase 2 authentication is set to MSCHAPv2.

Note on Android

To use the configuration assistant on Android devices, you will have to install an app, eduroamCAT from Google Play in addition to download the configuration from the eduroam CAT page.

Note on Windows installers

When using the Windows installers, there is an error message at the end of the installation process which says "Credentials installation problem". This message can safely be ignored for now, this is due to a bug that does not affect the outcome of the installation. Testing shows that the installation is successful despite the message.
The issue has been referred to the CAT development team and we hope it will be resolved soon.